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Elisalex’s June mix

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I don’t reckon there’s much in life that can’t be solved by a good playlist. As a kid I was forever making tapes; sitting by the radio, finger poised over the record button ready to hit it as soon as my favourite song finally came on, recording my very own radio station (complete with ‘sound effect of the day’ and interviews with my little sister), I even figured out when I was pretty young how to scrunch up tiny balls of paper to put in the little indents so I could record over non-recordable tapes. I still think that being given a mix tape/cd is just about the most romantic thing ever… And a good way of judging a potential relationship – if the tunes don’t cut it…!

These days I like to make mixes for the car. I make a new one every month or so based on the sounds I’m really digging at the time. I always label them by date so I can go back and get all nostalgic over past mixes. Since music is such an intrinsic part of life, and a significant proportion of working hours here at By Hand HQ is spent dancing around the studio, we thought we’d take it in turns to share with you our monthly mixes. First up is my June mix, an eclectic collection of songs that I have been dancing to for days on end… You’ll know it’s me if you hear the following playlist blasting from my Postman Pat-mobile this Summer.


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