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By Hand style: Saturday pub visit with my girls

I have to begin by saying that I am going to get a proper camera and tripod soon – picture quality will be improving! At the moment it’s just me, my mac and my window sill.

So, with it being June now and this being England – it’s a bit cold. Not that I minded too much, because it’s given me the excuse to get out a light wool/cotton mix skirt I love, but had put away with my winter clothes (I know, totally tempting fate). The extra special thing about this skirt is that it’s the very first item of clothing I ever made! It’s a standard half circle skirt and we’ve got a tutorial for that coming up shortly. My white tee is COS and high heeled clogs are from Lotta from Stockholm. It’s important to mention the lipstick too;  I’ve struggled with finding a red lipstick to suit me, always blaming it on being a brown haired, brown-eyed gal (it just always seems to suit blonde or black haired girls best). However, all that has changed with Mac’s Ruby Woo. Not only is it an sexy pinky shade of red, but it’s also matte, which gives you a delicious Betty Draper elegance.

Now, I wish I could say the star of this outfit is my self made skirt…. However, I think we can all agree it’s the clutch bag that looks like a folded up fashion mag. Two of my oldest pals gave it to me for my 21st and I LOVE it. It’s from what was my favourite vintage shop (now closed down): Steinberg and Tolkein, on King’s Road in London. That place was total dressing up porn. They used to arrange their clothes in chronological order – genius!

…and just one more

ooh yes, and I painted each nail a different colour!

A little bit of sun’s just come out, gonna head to the pub now to meet my girls – byyyyeee!




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