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Is it safe to say it’s Summer…?

Just as the batch of roasted veg I made on Wednesday kept on getting more delicious as the week went by; so did the weather here in London town.  A typically grey start to the week blossomed into full on Summer by the weekend.  The girls in Hampstead Heath were literally frolicking around in their lacy smalls.  Not me though, I’m more of a Factor 50 kinda girl.  Instead, I was freezing up a storm in the kitchen making enough ice lollies to send Austin Powers into the next millenium. While the possibilities are infinite, here are a few of the recipes I came up with…

Watermelon Slushies (makes enough to fill 4 large mason jars)

  • a small watermelon
  • vodka / grenadine
  • freezer safe jars

In a measuring jug, smulch up the flesh of 1/4 of the watermelon, removing seeds as you go. Into a jar, pour in as much or as little vodka as you like (I’d say two shots at least!), or for the non-alcoholic version, pour in about two fingers of grenadine. Spoon in the watermelon pulp and stir well. Remember to leave about an inch free at the top to allow for the liquid to expand as it freezes.  Exploding mason jars in the freezer is not fun. Freeze overnight. The vodka itself will not actually freeze so it will have a slushie frozen consistency, but with the grenadine version it will freeze solid, so leave the jars out in the sun to allow them to melt and slush a little before serving.


Dairy-free Chocolate Minimilks (makes 6)

  • a can of coconut milk
  • 50g cocoa powder
  • a squeeze of agave nectar
  • lolly moulds

In a mixing bowl, combine the coconut milk, cocoa powder and agave nectar. Mix really well. Spoon into lolly moulds and freeze overnight. I used moulds that have a hole down the centre which on serving I filled with whipped cream and topped with a strawberry. Other ideas for filling: blueberries and chopped banana; raspberry purée and dessicated coconut sprinkles; a shot of whisky.


Tropical Rockets (makes 4 rockets)

  • 2 bananas
  • a handful of blueberries
  • a splash of rice milk / Malibu rum
  • rocket lolly moulds

Mash the banans in a bowl (I like mine nice and lumpy, but if you prefer it smooth just blend the banana instead). Add the rice milk / Malibu to achieve a pourable consistency. Spoon the mix into the lolly moulds one spoon at a time adding blueberries evenly as you go. Freeze overnight. Remember which ones have Malibu before handing out to kids.

x Elisalex

2 comments on “Is it safe to say it’s Summer…?

  1. Ella Bella
    May 28, 2012

    These sound lovely lisalex where do you get the rocket holders from and what’s agave nectar? xx Ella

    • byhandlondon
      May 28, 2012

      Thanks Ella! I got the rocket holders from that amazing kitchen/baking shop on Westbourne Grove. Agave nectar is a natural sweetener that comes from Agave plants (like as in tequila too!). It has a super low GI and is even ok for diabetics xxx

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