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My boy Friday: Lloyd Dobler

The first time I even came across Say Anything it was lying on my friend’s floor under some clothes. The undeniable attraction of that scrawled marker font, the wholesome happy teens and that trenchoat + boombox stance meant I totally judged a DVD by its cover and was hooked. That night, I met LLoyd Dobler, and, as the film tagline goes, ‘To know Lloyd Dobbler is to love him.’ Now, it’s your turn.

The story hinges on a great teen classic premise of the guy falling for a girl who’s smarter / more beautiful / generally in a different league than him. When super brain and school beauty Diane Court does actually reciprocate and fall in love with him too, her very possessive (and quite odd – keep an eye on that one) pops is not happy at all. Therefore, they then have to go through a whole lot of tumult in the name of love. Apparently this was written by Cameron Crowe in the form of a novella, as opposed to a script. I particularly like this little factoid, and think it perhaps explains why this romcom has such depth.

As little tasters of Lloyd’s greatness…

He does iconic things like this to get his girl back:

When asked what he wants to do with his life by his girlfriend’s scary father, he responds with these sweet, smart, killer lines:

I’m telling you; watch this, feel all cynicism fall away and revel in your inner romantic.

Aside from the obvious, the other main character in this film is the Peter Gabriel song – ‘In your eyes’.

Check out this vid of him and his cool (yeah ok, and pretty cheesy, but in the best possible way) band performing it live. Especially note the lone female singer’s amazing 90s strong / sexy / tough look of thigh-slit black dress + heavy boots:

x Charlotte


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